Main output: Product innovation

Approach: See discovery as multi-dimensional.



Spotify Passport

(Live client work)

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Approach: See discovery as multi-dimensional.

Skills used: product innovation, creative brief writing, experience strategy, interviews, social listening

The ask


"Anytime you can start a pitch with a Migos reference, you know it’s about to be a good project."

- the client

The Spotify team came to the Brandcenter because they had one question on their mind: "How do we become the authority on music culture via discovery?"

Brand problem

People think Spotify is one dimensional. It exists on a digital platform nearly exclusively for listening alone, when discovery is multi-dimensional, and requires context to blend and shape itself.

Brand truth

Spotify is incredible at working with and collecting data about its individual users. When Spotify uses "big data" it comes across as helpful and insightful, not creepy. The brand regularly impresses its users with personal playlists like “Discover Weekly,” but its users often miss the delight or surprise that comes with stumbling upon something for themselves.

The "aha" moment

Culture, music culture included, is about the group at large, not the individual. And if Spotify has the data to support the individual so well, what can they do with that data aggregated?


The biggest influence on fans isn’t the music in their pockets, but the world that they live in.


Give musical context to the world that surrounds us.

The case study: Introducing Spotify Passport

Creative booklet


What I learned from this project

Sometimes the creative process looks like this. But messier.


Update: We won a silver cannonball at the Richmond Show for this work!

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The Team

KP Thomas, Creative Brand Manager
Carole Trickey, Strategist (hi!)
Jacob Buller, Strategist
Kelly Prudente, Experience Designer & UX Design/Development
Brendan Howard, Copywriter
Whitney Downing, Art Director