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Sierra Club


Approach: Make your purpose political when necessary.

Skills used: copywriting, video editing


The vast majority of the Sierra Club's 124 year history has been in politics. How the Sierra Club has gotten political over time has changed significantly. 


The Sierra Club has taken on and called out politicians before, but have never supported outright resistance like other environmental, political, or activist groups. They are unsure how to update their image in a way that honors their heritage.


The evolution of the Sierra Club requires that we acknowledge that our environment is more than mother nature.

The Brand Essence Video

The script

We started by recognizing the natural splendor of this land. And we found people who believed in it too.
Together, we fought to protect its mountains, its streams, its lakes: Our national heritage that passes from one generation to the next.
Together, we inspired a revolution. 
We won often, but not always.

We championed clean air and clean water. And when technology advanced, led the charge for clean energy too.
Because we fight for what matters and stand up for our beliefs.
We are explorers.
We are protectors.
We are leaders.
And we are under attack.

We have been with American for 124 years. We thought we'd seen it all.
We will continue to protect the environment, but will continue to do so in a way that honors all of the environments that we encounter from the day we are born until the day we die.
We are in a new era with new challenges. The world is more fractured than ever before.

But we are not shattered.
We are not weary.
We are not apathetic.
We embrace the battle that is coming.
We are ready.


What I learned from this project

Given that this was my first crack at writing a manifesto, I learned that I wanted to do more of it. Since then, it's also influenced how I work on briefs.

The team

Eliza Hadjis, ST
Eddie Bennett, ST
Carole Trickey, ST (hi!)