Law Zero Podcast

Law Zero Podcast


"Law Zero: A robot may not harm humanity, or by inaction allow humanity to come to harm."
-Isaac Asimov, 1942

As kids, we all ate our Wheaties and listened to Uncle Ben: We all know that with great power comes great responsibility. But there is no Hippocratic oath for technology's design or implementation. And it seems that a lot of people who work with emerging technology haven't recognized this responsibility in their own work.

Clearly, moving fast and breaking things isn't going to cut it anymore. If science fiction writers can think about the consequences of theoretical gadgets decades down the road, why don't we (as both creators and users) think more about the real tech that surrounds us every day? 

Welcome to Law Zero: a podcast where your two tech-loving hosts Angelica Ortiz, an Experience Designer/Creative Technologist hybrid and Carole Trickey, a strategist research, develop opinions, laugh a little, talk about what we can do to improve our relationship with technology, and discuss the implications (intended or otherwise) of emerging technology every other Tuesday.

More details for this project can be found on our soundcloud account, our iTunes page or our Twitter.

We are not alone. 2019 will be the year of demanding ethical tech.

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