Know me

Know Me

Seven fun facts to get you started.


Kansas born & raised.

I’m one of those Midwesterners your NPR host told you might exist.


Former journalist.

I like telling stories no one has heard before (or ones they have with a twist). Here's the first story I ever wrote that made waves.


Sci-fi fiend.

I like to play “what if” and sci-fi helps me play it a little better.



Combinations of world building, competition, and strategy? Count me in.


I co-host a podcast on the implications (intended or otherwise) of emerging technology.


Part of #GirlsWhoLift.

Though I’m not someone who will say “the gym is my life” without irony, I have stumbled my way into a really cool weight-lifting girl gang.


Always learning.

I’m a firm believer that everyone knows at least one thing that you don’t.
A comic about why that's true can be found here.

Here, have some gifs.

I'm incredibly lucky to have found a field like strategy. This stuff can change people's lives, so I try to take the work seriously. As for myself...not so much.


My strategy philosophy

The best strategist is one who isn’t precious about where an insight or strategy line comes from. You care that it's the truth and that it's the right truth for the right time, place, person, or brand. Like a journalist, you utilize skills from multiple areas of expertise, not all of them originally your own. Empathy and respect for the people you’re talking to is fundamental. You’re part muse, part partner and move as creatively and flexibly as the rest of your team.

More info? I can do that.

Here's my resumé.